AN What's App

AN What’s App is a suitable alternative to the official version of What’s App. It is for those who want more control over their privacy setting and added features like chat screens and the ability to reject video and audio calls automatically. If you receive unwanted calls you can select the disable button to eliminate them. This app provides you with complete control over your incoming calls.

AN Whats App is an alternative to WhatsApp. It provides you with a lot of features. You can add your favorite different things to it. It prevents deleting the message if another party deletes the message for anyone, as long as you activate the feature according to your desire. It provides you with different attractive colors of themes. You can activate the automatic reply features and set up the scheduled message feature in AN Whats App. You can watch quick chats from within the conservation. You can add the words that you want you can also change the whats app emojis. If you want you can add your old WhatsApp app emojis, Facebook emojis, your Android system emojis, and others. You can also change the notification icon and font style in your WhatsApp app. You can apply fingerprint, pin, or pattern lock as you wish and you can also deform the whats app. You can save the deleted status in your WhatsApp contacts.

Nowadays, everybody uses what’s an app for different purposes like talking to their relatives and friends. In what’s App 10 you can experience full customization features for their work. You can use many accounts and switch them when you want. Many versions of WhatsApp are available for download. The original What’s App is available. But What’s App 10 has more advanced features than the original What’s App. You can also send large-size documents. In addition, it is free of cost. You need to update this app.

Basically, AN What’s App APK 9 is a version of AN What’s App. Most people like to use the original What’s App but the original What’s App provided you with some features. On the other hand, AN What’s App is available to you with advanced and more features. People don’t like to use the same things again and again. They want to try something new and excited. AN What’s App 9 also provided the customize more features than any others. You can save large file data without any problem. You can change the chat fount are what’s app fount as you wish. In short, AN What’s App 9 provides all the features that people like.

AN Whats App

AN What's App


AN What’s App Download is a popular chatting app alternative to WhatsApp. With an easy-to-use it. AN Whats App allows its users to send photos, videos, voice, messages, and documents. It supports group messaging of its users. AN What’s App boasts several unique features like the ability to swipe to reply to messages. Users can further personalize this app using different themes and fonts. AN What’s App is free to download. It does not require any kind of subscription and fees for the users. It also provides regular updates, ensuring its users receive the latest security features.

  • . AN What’s App provides the new updated versions.
  • . AN What’s App provides new updates so that users can make this app more beneficial.
  • . By updating new versions users can enjoy their favorite different theme colors and 
  •    the latest security features.                                                                                           
  • . You will realize why people choose AN What’s App instead of the original What’s App.
  • Hidden of second tick
  • If you want. Take someone`s message on your WhatsApp, but if the second tick is not clear, he will not know that you have seen or read his message. So for this, you only have to remain unaware of whether you have viewed their message.

AN What`s  App provides you with many features if you want to view the message even if the blue tick is not shown, then for this you only have to go to the setting and maintain your privacy. Without leaving a trace. Enjoy unparalleled privacy with AN What’s App.

AN What`s App update also provides the facility of message adit, even though you have sent the message and you want to make some changes to it, you can simply select this message and choose the adit option in this message. You can add anything you want.

People get bored of using the same thing if you want to add your favorite different font style then this feature is also provided by AN What’s App. Make your chats a new lock by changing the font style.

 AN What’s provides the option to delete messages on your privacy setting. You can save the message by using this feature of the App. It saves and also prevents others from deleting messages from you. It reads the deleted messages of your WhatsApp contacts sent to you in this app. It offers a diverse range of distinctive features. You can ensure that the conversation remains intact.

AN What’s App provided the facility to resend messages without labeling them as forwarded. This feature of AN What’s App allows your contacts to perceive every message you can send as original from you. Even you can open the message unlimited times. You can also adjust various privacy settings. 

Most people indeed install a What’s App just to download status wherever they want. This is the most hit feature of this App. When your friends are uploading attractive statuses their reach is increasing day by day. You don’t need to worry because the solution to this problem is also within AN What’s pp. Download the status of your What’s App contacts in your gallery to view them later and enjoy AN What’s App features free. 

AN What’s App which has a golden theme giving it the nickname Golden What’s App. You can also change your favorite different themes. It possesses hundreds of themes. You can change the look as you wish.

Users who are looking for extra advanced features not found in the official version of the app. Users can access advanced features like more control over privacy settings and the ability to pin more than 3 chats at once. Using advanced multiple accounts and switching them is also available. Its function is very easy to use.

Do you feel bored using the same features? Do you want to try something in chats? So we have brought AN What’s App for you with amazing and unique features. You can use your favorite features. You can use the unlimited auto-reply templates for day-to-day chats. You can also filter the unread messages. It provides multiple languages. It makes communication more easy. You can make your chatting experience fantastic. You see that sometimes your WhatsApp is not able to send messages to more contacts. But, in AN What’s App you can send messages more at the same time.

In AN What’s App you can choose who will call you. You can specify your call contact on your whats app. If you receive unwanted calls you can select the disable button to eliminate them. This app provides you with complete control over your incoming calls.

If you are administering any type of group and want to control your group privacy on WhatsApp. Then you have to use this app. It gives you strengthened control of your group’s privacy. If any message irritates you and others in the group you can delete this message. And if you want to see what happened in the group in the past like who left are goin the group and when. Then you can use this app.

The risk of losing important documents or data is a common problem. If you lose important data, you don’t need to worry about that. AN What’s App makes it easy with titanium backup. It is easier to back up and restore data in this app. Whenever you needed.

How to Download AN Whats App APK

AN What's App

AN What’s App is not available on the Play Store due to its advanced feature, which violated store policies. Now we tell you how to install AN What’s App and use it. So let’s drop it. Users can find the download link on the internet and regular updates. AN What’s App is easy to download. You don’t need to any subscription or any fee. You just go to Google and download AN What’s App. After downloading the App from the internet register their phone number to begin utilizing all its advanced features.

AN What’s App is a suitable alternative to the official version of What’s App. It is for those who want more control over their privacy setting and added features like chat screens and the ability to reject video and audio calls automatically. This application has many improved highlights inaccessible in WhatsApp, similar to status saving, flight mode, sending many pictures all the while, sending high files concealing web-based status, and sharing recordings up to 300 GB. There is a high lot of privacy in this app. This app automatically sports the most user-friendly and device-supporting app. There are many high additional features including simply a top bar to reach you. It has many large advantages, such as changing the color of the top bar in conversations, the color of the status bar changing, and the status background color in WhatsApp Omar Green. AN What’s App offers users many unique features, such as group chats, large files, etc. It offers endless customization options.